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The structure was manufactured by Sabre Towers and Poles.

Wireless Horizon, Inc.
Specialized Construction Services..

is a full service General Contractor specializing in the construction of wireless facilities including:

  • Cellular/ PC sites
  • Microwave systems
  • AM Transmission facilities
  • FM/Television Broadcast facilities
  • Wireless internet systems

Our unique composition allows us to professionally manage and complete complex turnkey projects while at the same time provide quality personnel to assist our partner GC’s with specialized construction services.


Where we are and where we have been...

Wireless Horizon, Inc. has been in business since March of 2000. We have performed construction activity on Thousands of  communication sites since our inception.

Wireless Horizon, Inc. successfully completed construction of:

  • Turnkey raw land sites
  • Pad and pier tower foundations
  • Slab tower foundations
  • Drilled pier tower foundations
  • Self-support tower assemble and installation
  • Guyed tower assembly and installation
  • Monopole assembly and installation
  • Turnkey co-locations
  • Structural Upgrades
  • Electrical / Telco Upgrades
  • Generator Backup Systems